Printed Trail Maps can be purchased at the following locations:

Franks's Motorcycles - Essex, VT

Land Air - Essex, VT

Roadside Marine - Williston, VT

Or buy one directly from VAST and have it mailed to you.

If you have a GPS that can download and install the GPX format, you can get a map of all the trail markers/checkpoints in Vermont from here.

If you have an iPhone or Android cell phone, Ray Chamberland has posted some partial trail maps via the EveryTrail application (which can be downloaded to your phone if you buy the application for a small fee).

Trip from Simon's Mobil in Essex on Rt 15 to Rt 104 in Cambridge (did not reach the town center)

This is an early season trip taken before Christmas before the trees were cleaned up

This map has all the VAST Trail Markers and Checkpoints.

If you have additional maps to link to this page, please use the Contact Us page to submit them.